Residential Carpet Cleaning The Woodlands, TX

Clean All Sizes and Types of Residential Carpets

Carpet Cleaning The Woodlands, TX offers excellent and inexpensive professional care for home carpets. Our residential carpet cleaning service will help rugs maintain their beauty, cleanliness and health, as well as extend their longevity. We don’t choose any size of project because we can clean carpets of all kinds and sizes. Being a locally owned and operated business, we will offer our clients quality work with reasonable rate, backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our cleaners are skilled and highly trained in giving residential carpets a proper, deep clean. All of our licensed and bonded technicians make use of the latest and most powerful equipment, together with environment-friendly cleaning solutions that will guarantee of a thorough cleaning that will efficiently remove dirt, grime, contaminants, stains and unpleasant odor from your rug; thus making it look line new once again and smelling fresh.

Naturally Powerful Carpet Cleaning Method

We normally use the steam cleaning procedure, also known as ‘hot water extraction’ process, when caring for residential carpets of all types since it’s a naturally powerful method that can eliminate not just surface soiling but also deep-seated pollutants and allergens that are normally invisible to the human eyes and cannot be simply removed using a vacuum cleaner. In addition, steam cleaning is also very efficient in the removal of old or new stubborn stains and odor-causing bacteria.

Although majority of home carpets will need professional cleaning every 18 months or so, this schedule actually varies depending on the traffic the rug receives every day. For instance, a carpet installed in a residence with children around will call for more constant expert care of every 12 months. On the other hand, less trafficked rugs will be just fine for up to 24 months or even longer without having to undergo professional cleaning.

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